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Be sure to know that one thing is for sure, the culture of Silicon Valley does not respect data privacy.

In retrospect, the data privacy issues that have accrued from Facebook over the last year is not something new, in fact, the same discussions have been taking place since 2006 and it seems Facebook has been taking it extremely lightly by figuratively saying 'hey, this is just another day in the office'.

Facebook isn't the only Silicon Valley tech giant to become under enormous public scrutiny though, no, Google has also had a wide range of alleged abuses of data privacy, what's worse is that its not just Facebook and Google either, you could easily blame the whole ecosystem of third-party developers that depend on access to user data in order for their apps to work. Unfortunately, the blame cannot only fall on their shoulders, it's important to know that internet users like you and myself need to also hold ourselves accountable for the invasion of data privacy. Its all well and good to tick the privacy statements that pop up on our screens just to get on with our lives, and you are a victim of your own desire for convenience by needing to have all your accounts such as Instagram, Netflix and Amazon, be honest you link everything together and life is easier, however, we have given them permission and so to a certain extent, we can't complain.

The launch of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018 seems to have emboldened Internet users to fight back against the likes of Facebook and Google. New lawsuits are being prepared against these tech giants, and it’s now clear that “business as usual” could result in millions of dollars of fines and penalties.

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