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To think, only 20 years ago, mobile phones were really just starting to gain momentum, and five years before that, the Internet wasn't even a thing for everyday people.

Now, we rely so heavily on an Internet connection that most businesses nowadays cannot run without it. However, not all online interactions are crucially beneficial, in fact, most of it is entertainment, but just how extreme is the amount of online interactions?

Well, thanks to Domo, a new infographic called 'Data Never Sleeps' was released, showing just how much is going on online every minute. YES, remember these numbers below reflect minutes.

If you've ever wondered whether digital marketing is important for your business, this graphic might well answer that question for you.

You too can become a constant part of the Internet, if you are looking for ways to manage your social media content and find an easier way to post your content daily, try Loopascoop, a social media scheduling tool that has all you need to save you time and work on getting your brand out there.

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