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It's easy to make these common mistakes when advertising on Facebook. Here are suggestions to avoid making them again.

So, coming from experience, Facebook advertising can be slightly confusing to many people. Those of you who are looking to reach the network with its billions of users, there's a slightly easier way to go about learning how to correctly advertise your business, this is something you may be familiar with... the process of elimination.

Now when we talk about the process of elimination here, we are talking about the things you shouldn't do in order to make sure you don't fall into the category so many advertisers find themselves, common traps.

Here are some of the major mistakes to be aware of when advertising your business on Facebook:

1. You do not have a campaign goal
If you already run a business, you are hopefully aware of the importance of setting goals. With Facebook, it's not enough to just be creating posts and promoting them in the hopes of generating a good outcome, you need to set specific goals for each advertising campaign. For example, if you are promoting a product, set a goal to sell X number of units. If your campaign is designed to drive traffic to your website, set a goal to increase CTR by X percentage points.

2. Know the Ad types
Facebook offers businesses a wide variety of ad type choices, and this is something you need to match up to the goals you set for your campaign. Fortunately, Facebook makes it easy for marketers to determine what each ad is designed to do. Don’t try to get creative or reinvent the wheel in this step; go with the ad type that Facebook says best aligns with your goals.

3. Know your medium
So, what do I mean by 'medium'? things like personal posts, articles, and other ads filling up users’ feeds are all broken down into mediums – basically, it's a section on Facebook's platform where you want your ads to appear. Keep in mind, you're not the only one who is trying to get your business seen by others, so make sure you use original images, engaging ad text and, if you are using video ads (recommended), create fascinating eye-catching videos. This ensures your ad doesn't get lost in the sea of ads already advertising and trying to win users attention.

4. Target your specific audience
One of the worst things to do when attempting any type of online marketing is wasting your ad spend on people who are not even remotely interested in your product or service. Take time to analyse the demographics and actions of your current audience, then spare a moment to send your existing customers a survey to better understand their background so you can start to form your audience group.

Facebook helps make things even easier by providing you with the option to create what they call a 'lookalike audience' for your advertising. By uploading a list of your existing customers, Facebook can then analyse that group for common attributes and then target similar audiences, kinda great don't you think?

5. Facebook Pixel
Now, if you are already familiar with online advertising you would have an idea of all the lovely code you need to insert into your website for ad tracking. Well, Facebook pixel is just that. Facebook Pixel is a line of code you need to insert into your website in order to track customer behaviour on your website. This is very useful for measuring the data from a specific ad and can help you determine which kind of ads are successful so you can make the necessary changes to the ones that are not.


Is your brain fed with all the ways to avoid mistakes with Facebook advertising? Good to hear it! Remember, we are not just here to give you all the updates and good advice for your social media needs, we also offer to make your life easier with a social media scheduling tool where you can create and schedule your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram content ahead of time. Keep up to date with your content schedule and be on top of your social media strategy with Loopascoop!

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