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The redesign of the Twitter website is just a replica of the company's mobile app...

So the redesign of Twitter's desktop website is set to hit a screen near you, and is going to replace the old interface for good. The redesign began rolling out on Monday (15 July 2019) and you will start to notice large spaces of white, bigger fonts, and no more profile bio indicating your follower count on your homepage.

Twitter states that the site will also be "faster, easier to navigate, and more personalized,"

Mashable noted that Twitter plans to completely get rid of the old user interface and replace it with the new look. "Since it's a gradual rollout, people will be phased out as they're phased into the redesign – there won't be one big disappearance of the old UI until everyone has been added into the new UI," a Twitter spokesperson told PCMag.

The bar, which was normally displayed at the top of the page, has now become a new sidebar which features Twitter's Explore tab. The explore tab will give you a more detailed view of what is trending on Twitter, along with what the Twitter algorithm think you will find interesting.

The Messages section has also changed, and it is now expanded "so you can see your conversations and send messages all from the same view," the company said. "Now there's less hassle switching between screens to send a message." To be honest, it kind of looks like Facebook's Messenger layout...

If you haven't seen the new design, you can try it out by clicking on your profile pic, move your mouse all the way down to "Try the new Twitter." To go back to the old interface, it appears you'll have to log out and log back in.

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