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Have you optimised your LinkedIn company page for engagement?

While a lot of engagements take place on a personal level on LinkedIn, do not overlook the potential of your business's LinkedIn page. Your company page serves as a valuable channel to communicate and engage with your community, plus new features are being released, which helps to make your page an even more useful.

If you are not sure how to make the most of your page, well then these tips will help:

1. Ensure the accuracy of your information

The first keynote is that both LinkedIn profile and page content are searchable on the platform, and users – both on the site and not – may find your company's listing as a result of the terms you use.

You need to ensure that the information about your company is both up-to-date and accurate. Add your company's website URL, phone number, and information using the various fields that LinkedIn provides.

2. Personalise your LinkedIn page URL

All company pages and profiles are given a standard-issue LinkedIn URL, but you can create a customisable link, which is worth doing. This can be a great way to spice up your LinkedIn presence.

There are a few policies to keep in mind if you decide to change your public URL. You can only change the link once every thirty days, and any dropped URLs may be made available to others to claim after 365 days. 

3. Serve up some specialities to feed LinkedIn's algorithm

The specialities section of your company's LinkedIn page presents an opportunity to communicate your business's core strengths in an easy and scannable format.

The specialities you list on your LinkedIn page are also searchable, so be sure to use the specialities section to add the keywords that will help LinkedIn direct the right traffic to your page. You can change or even add specialities to your page by selecting the 'Overview' tab in edit mode.

4. Update your images

If you have not updated your profile's background image, this is something you are missing out on.

It is your place, so make it your own, and customising your company page adds quality to your bag and creates better brand awareness. Get creative, you can even incorporate a CTA into your banner image to further engage visitors.

5. Make every character count

Appearing immediately under the name of your company is your page headline, which is the ultimate of all things on Linkedin. It communicates your brand's message, your headline needs to grab the reader's attention and make them want to stick around for longer.

LinkedIn profile headlines are limited to 120 characters, so you may have to be creative when crafting one for your company. Once you are happy with your words, you should also test the appearance using a mobile device, to make sure it looks the way you intended it to look.

6. Optimise your page content for both humans and search engines

Web searchers may find your LinkedIn page when researching your brand via Google, and that is why you should consider your LinkedIn company page as a central location where humans can learn more about what your organisation does.

Pay particular attention to the first few lines of your company's overview, as this is the content that will be visible to users across all devices. And again, improve your page's search visibility by including relevant keywords.

7. Appeal to market segments with Showcase Pages

Once you have a company page, you can start creating Showcase Pages, which highlights different aspects of your brand or company culture. You can use these speciality pages to curate content on a single topic, create a learning centre, promote new products or even highlight some accomplishments.

8. Give your favourite group a spotlight

LinkedIn groups are another engagement tool which is available to companies and individuals across the platform. When LinkedIn members join a group, they become visible to other people in that group. This enables them to bypass LinkedIn's limitations on seeing people outside their network.

If your business owns a group, or your team members are active in a group owned by someone else, you can use the 'Featured Group' section of your business profile to allow other LinkedIn members the opportunity to see where they can connect with your people.

9. Engage as a company by joining communities

LinkedIn recently added this lineup to their feature list which is the ability to follow topic-based communities on the platform. Each business can choose up to three communities by selecting the relevant hashtags.

Selecting communities to follow enables your company to view and comment on updates relating to the specific hashtags, while LinkedIn will send you notifications when a topic is trending in your community so you can join in on the conversation.

While you can only select three communities to join, you can change your selections at any given time. Try out a few to see which hashtag categories work best for you and your company.

10. Be on top of the latest features

LinkedIn is always adding new features and has been doing so at a faster pace in the past few months.

One short-lived feature the platform tested earlier this year allowed company page admins to "grow your page audience" by inviting personal connections to follow their company page on LinkedIn.

The feature was removed, and even though it did, it is well worth keeping an eye out for similar experiments as LinkedIn continues to search for ways to support company-level engagement.

Engage, engage, engage

LinkedIn company pages are the perfect base from which to launch your brand's LinkedIn engagement campaigns. You can't do everything with a company page on LinkedIn that you can with a personal profile, but as LinkedIn continues to add new features to company pages, these limitations may change.

With your LinkedIn company page optimised, you will be ready to begin publishing updates, following and commenting on others' posts and analyse the outcomes of your efforts.

Source: Social Media Today


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