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Most people can relate to any social platform by scrolling forever, and you see the same content over, and over, and over... Well, it seems that LinkedIn has got almost all of its users covered.

The company has announced that they have made changes to their algorithm which will now prioritise better conversations in users' feeds. LinkedIn uses the maxim of 'people you know, talking about things you care about’ as its framework. So now the company wants to filter out all the garbage and fill users news feeds with all the good stuff.

Users are prioritised by a filtering system which includes how they interact with one another directly, such as co-workers, and information on profiles to spark interests and common experiences.

"Despite the rumours, the algorithm doesn’t favour any particular format," LinkedIn noted. If you want to stand out amongst the crowd then do not use more than three hashtags and do not mention more than five other users in a post, it will make you look less like a spammer, so basically, just be yourself.

"Authenticity is key," wrote Pete Davies, consumer product at LinkedIn in a post announcing the changes. "All the tips work out better when members talk about things they truly care about, in a way that’s natural for them. Genuine conversation around real experiences spark better and deeper conversation. Better conversation, in turn, leads to stronger community and connection."

To sum it all up, LinkedIn has now created an element which will reward content creators on its platform, as opposed to just showing you the most engaging content to maximise response. This will encourage more activity from users across the broad, and make LinkedIn a more engaging and active place for discussion.

Image reference: Kinsta 

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