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In order to establish a good connection with your online audience, you need to know the bad content you might be posting that is hurting your social media reputation and halting your hard work put into building your online social presence. Let's dive straight into the types of content you should stop posting to your social media immediately!


1) Relevance is key to keeping your content on top. If you are a 'carefree travel-the-world' kind of influencer, then the worst thing you could do is share irrelevant viral posts to your platform. As tempting as it is to resort to sharing the latest viral meme when your social feed is looking low, stop yourself, this will only hurt your social image and mess with your audience and activity feed.

2) Similar to the point above, brand-consistent content is what will help you soar, so try making sure that the content you publish stays as close to the styles and themes of your brand persona as possible.

3) Stuffing your content with hashtags is really a way to make sure your content looks cheap and inauthentic. Sure, hashtags are super useful in helping you increase visibility and shareability of your content, however, take a little time to do your research in which hashtags are really valuable in getting the right people to look at your page/account.

4) Spelling or grammatical errors within your post really can have quite a negative effect. Yes, people make mistakes, but that's why it's important to go through and re-read your content or, even better, have a tool to do spell checks for you. The reason why it's so important to get it right, is that your social media profile and your website are your virtual shop windows, making a mistake in your content – either a simple typo or a full-blown grammar gaff – can look as though you don’t care, and that's the exact opposite way of how to create a relationship with your audience.

5) It goes without saying, religion and politics are two subject areas you really don't want to be playing around with. People feel very strongly about these topics and so it's not something you should take lightly. Unless you’re a political or religious organisation (and even then, it’s advised to take caution), avoid publishing anything that could be controversial – otherwise, you risk offending and losing followers.

6) There's absolutely nothing wrong with sharing other peoples content, in fact, in moderation it's advisable. However, sharing other people's content without crediting them is a fast way to come under fire, just don't do it. It gets worse with copyrighted images. If you use an image in your content you’re not legally entitled to use, then you could get into serious legal trouble. Keep your side clean, make sure you are crediting the correct individual and do your bit of homework as to what copyrighted images you should not be using.

In conclusion, posting negative, irrelevant or clumsy content can damage your brand and lose you valuable followers. Keep in mind these six content types, and you’ll give your valuable content a better chance of getting seen.

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