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Some of the biggest frustrations amongst people using social media for their business or brand is that it takes too much time or too much effort, however, it is the most cost effective and powerful way to market your business. Having said that, there are a few tricks to help you save time and your sanity, the key is to be organised. A lot of companies and brands operate without a calendar but you will soon swear by it.

Make sure you get out the right messages when necessary, let's walk through how to exactly set up a content calendar and which tool you can use for effective content marketing.

Content Requirements:
Key Brand Messages
Key Events and Dates
Content Categories
Influencer Outreach

Key brand messages are pieces of content, sales or promotions, that you need to be promoting consistently across your social media channels. You don't have to think about them on a day to day basis, they are not dynamic content pieces but more like static content pieces that you can bulk schedule ahead of time. Remember, these are for the main messages that need to go out to leave room for spontaneity and live interactions as you don't want content overlapping each other.

Before the 1st day of each month, you need to isolate all the key events and dates taking place in that month and highlight it in your calendar, events such as Valentine's day or Mothers Day, these days you will want to line up what your brand is about with that event and create content that is related to that day of the month.

Sit down and put together all your content categories that your brand covers. For example; this website has four categories that directly relate to our product 'Loopascoop', which is a Social Media Management Tool. Our four categories are News, which covers the latest updates of all social media platforms, new ways to conduct your content marketing and so on. The other category is Social Media which is strictly all and anything to do with social media platforms. The third category is Digital Advertising, which is focused on the various ways to advertise online. Our last category is Content Marketing which is for the ins and outs of how and why you should be marketing your content online.

So if you know what your brand does, dissect all the categories that directly relate to your product to know what categories of content you need to be creating in the month.

Each week, have a goal to reach out to influencers on social media platforms that could possibly help your brand. Have at least two Influencers on your goal list each week, these influencers must obviously have a page and an audience that would buy your product or service, there's no use going to your favourite male rock band asking them to showcase the female perfume that you trying to launch, it just won't work for your brand image. Unless that's the exact market of people you are after, then go for it.

Luckily for you, if you are here looking for advice we have a tool for everything we have covered. If you need a content calendar for all your social media scheduling needs, here's the link, sign up for our free trial and get organised!

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