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If video content is not part of your content marketing strategy, you and your business could struggle as video becomes more important in the next three years.

With global mobile device usage and internet speeds increasing, video content consumption is rising to exponential levels. This is also partly because, now, anyone can create high-quality video content straight from their smartphones. Marketing agencies are no longer having to consider thousands of dollars for a budget for interviews and promotions. Besides video content creation being easier, they are also quick-hitting and personal, which make for a very effective sales tool.

No matter how effective your current sales strategy might be, you won’t survive the next few years if you don’t add video to the mix. So, how do you create videos that can make you money? Firstly, you need to find the right equipment. Apple recently shot a visually stimulating commercial on an iPhone XS, yep, a cellphone! If you are opting away from using a phone, you can find a great semi-pro camera and acquire some small accessories such as lighting etc. Editing software options don’t cost much, either. Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, both excellent products, run on reasonably priced subscription models.

Secondly, get in the habit of creating an outlined script of topics you're covering, and simple bullet points of what you want to say, this will keep you within your time restrictions. Even if you are on a tight schedule, try to use that inner actor in you to play with it. Relax, even if you make a mistake filming, just keep rolling, have fun with it because you should be trying to make connections with people.

Thirdly, shoot in bulk if you can. Make a concerted effort to tackle all of your video content creation in one day. Make sure you are all set up and ready to go the day before. Creating videos in bulk makes sense: More and more small businesses and startups are using the medium to their advantage, mainly because it’s becoming easier to do so. In fact, Vidyard’s “2018 Video in Business Benchmark Report” found that companies post more than 30 videos a month, with 86% using video on their sites and 77% on social media.

The fourth step to making videos that make you money is to make sure you distribute your final, polished cut through high-traffic channels such as customer-facing video email signatures. YouTube is the largest video platform so, of course, have your own channels to attract those looking for videos like yours. Don't forget to share your videos on Facebook because over 8 billion videos/100 million hours of videos are watched on Facebook every day.

And lastly but most importantly, GO LIVE. No one ever created a perfect live broadcast, so don’t pressure yourself to be the first. Think of it like giving a presentation: You wouldn’t stop a speech at a conference because you stumbled over your words, so why worry on a live video? 80% of social media users would pick live videos over regular posts, and another 80% would prefer to watch a live video than read an article, so the odds are in your favour.

Besides you get to personally and physically interact with your audience and build that relationship that will grow your brand.


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