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Instagram confirmed in March that they would be allowing businesses to use their influencers organic posts and turn them into ads saving advertisers time and creative efforts.

This rollout of branded content ads comes as no surprise because influencer marketing is growing exponentially. More creators are delivering branded content and more and more users are flocking to see what their favourite influencer is sharing, in fact, Instagram influencers are posting 150% more sponsored content since last year and its no wonder Instagram is helping this market grow even faster as it's for sure assisting in Instagrams bottom line of marketers spend growth.

“Promoting content directly from an influencer’s handle inherently gives the post more authenticity than coming from a brand handle,” said Old Navy’s VP of brand communications Liat Weingarten, “We’re seeing significantly higher engagement rates using this strategy.”

Of course, not any brand can just use influencers creative. Before they can use an influencer's post as an ad, the content creator must grant their business partners (brand they have a contracted relationship with) access to promote their post as an ad which can be accessed via their Advanced Settings page, brands will see the influencer’s posts in the Ads Manager under “Existing Posts” and can run the content as an ad within the Instagram newsfeed or Stories format. 

When a brand elects to use an influencer post as an ad, the post will include  “Paid partnership” language that lists the brand’s name on the post.

Did you know a recent study shows that 89% of marketers reported influencer marketing ROI is comparable or better than other marketing channels? Well, apparently Instagram did and so they have taken the opportunity to widen the gates for this particular market. 
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