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"5G uses unique radio frequencies that are higher and more directional than those used by 4G."

So what is the difference between 4G and 5G? It, of course, offers mobile data speeds that far outstrip the fastest home broadband network currently available to consumers. With speeds of up to 100 gigabytes per second, 5G is set to be as much as 100 times faster than 4G. However, that's not the only reason why it makes 5G transformational.

5G promises to be a critical foundation for the further rise of smart devices. For example, driverless cars are already seeing a use for it. Driverless cars will communicate with one another while they are out on the road, thus enabling them to share information that can be used to provide better performance which in turn, promises to provide safer travel than otherwise possible.

5G could lead to the wider deployment of drones over our roads, taking on tasks such as road surveillance, structural surveys of bridges, and replacing traditional speed cameras by tracking speeding drivers and sending information directly to the police. 5G could also support the emergency services by helping them to navigate the quickest route to an accident.

Linking and controlling not just robots but also medical devices, industrial equipment and agricultural machinery, 5G will provide a more personalised web experience using a technique called 'network slicing'. This is a way of separating wireless networks on the cloud, allowing users to create their own bespoke network.

Despite 2019 looking like a big year for network launches, 2020 is when the fifth generation of wireless connectivity will really start to take off.

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