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Every single ad you see while browsing online is collectively known as digital advertising. You may be on Youtube, Facebook, Google Chrome or any website where marketers or business owners use all these online platforms to advertise their products and services using different digital ads.

Some of the main reasons behind the booming popularity of online Ads are:

  • Better targeting and measurable campaigns
  • Very effective for limited budgets
  • Results are immediate
  • Re-marketing to specific people who have shown interest in your product/service
  • Data-rich campaigns and conversion tracking
  • Small businesses can easily create brand awareness in a limited time

However, for ensuring good returns on your investments, it is important that you use the right kind of digital advert.


Social Media Advertising:

1) Facebook Ads – Promote brands on Facebook and target the most relevant audiences. You can use Marketplace Ads that display on the sides of the Facebook profile, boosted ads are posts you create on Facebook to become an ad or use Facebook business to create ads to show in Messenger, the news feed and on the right-hand side of the browser.

2) Twitter Ads – Promoted Tweets, Promoted Accounts, and Promoted Trends are three types of Twitter Ads that you can use. You can also utilise Twitter Ads for increasing website clicks for lead generation or conversions, and optimising Tweet engagements. It will also help you in increasing brand awareness, Followers, App Installs and Video Views.

3) YouTube Ads – YouTube, being the video sharing site of Google, lets you run online ads in the same way as you do on Google. Varieties of advertising choices are given with different ad formats. Banner ads, in-video overlay ads, in-stream video ads and so on are some of the ads available on YouTube.

4) Pinterest Ads – You can promote your particular pin using Pinterest Ads by simply adding a dollar sign before the price amount. It lets Pinterest gauge that your item is offered to your purchasers. Different kinds of digital advertising that you can run on Pinterest are Awareness Campaigns, Traffic Campaigns, and Engagement Campaigns.

5) Instagram Ads – Facebook owns Instagram and it allows you to run three different types of ads on this platform, namely Photo, Video, and Carousel, which will promote your products and services.

6) LinkedIn Ads – Such ads are considered highly useful for B2B businesses. You can run Display Ads, Sponsored Content, Sponsored InMail, Text Ads, and Dynamic Ads in all sorts of campaigns on LinkedIn.

Search Engine Advertising:

1) Bing Ads – They are quite similar to Google Ads, as Bing is also a search engine. Ads on Bing also function on the PPC (Pay per click) model.

2) Display Advertising – Reach your customers on the web and in mobile apps. You can run display ads in so many ways, such as Text, Banner, Gmail, App, Flash and Video. You can use these ads to target audiences who are lookingfor or using services, products, and content that are related to your business

3) Adwords Advertising – AdWords is an advertising platform of Google that is used for connecting advertisers to online publishers/website owners. PPC ads are those which require advertisers to pay a fixed amount to the publisher for every click on the ad.

4) Tumblr Ads – Tumblr Radar and Spotlight are two formats of Tumblr Ads that allow advertisers to target around 54 million clients worldwide. You can run sponsored Web Post Advertisements that can be displayed in the dashboard feeds of your audiences. Dollar signs included with Tumblr Ads make sure that they are sponsored content used for promoting a brand.

5) Banner Ads – Picture-based advertisements that you see on the left, right, top and bottom of websites are banner ads. They come in the category of Display Ads. You can purchase your ad space with Display Network of Google or other search engines to display your digital advertising.

6) Retargeting Ads – These ads are used for targeting your site visitor to revisit your site and make a purchase. You can run these ads as per the past search history of your potential customers. When prospects visit a site, related cookies are used by advertisers to run re-targeting ads to remind a prospect about their past inclinations and preferences.

7) Mobile Ads – Different ad campaigns that you can run on mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets are mobile ads. Variety of social platforms and sites give the advantages of channelising mobile ad campaigns.

8) In-Game Ads – Digital advertisements that you see in computer and mobile games are known as in-game ads. Billboard ads in sports games are one such example of in-game ads. Different types of ad formats are used that help game developers generate more game revenues. Some of the ad formats are Offerwall ads, Video Ads, Interstitial Ads and so on.

9) Email Ads – Have you been getting emails with a big picture and small promotional content? All such emails are utilising email ads for sending their promotional content to you. This enables businesses and advertisers to promote new products, feature, the coupon discount or any other offer via emails.

10) Video Ads – With 4G connections and increased internet speed, buffering of videos is now a thing of past. That is why video ads are the new, and one of the most popular, forms of Digital Advertisement.


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