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LinkedIn's latest objective is based around advertising, which began rolling out to all businesses over the last few months.

Their update aims to make it easier for advertisers to select the right targeting options in order to maximise their on-platform ad campaigns. LinkedIn explains "Objective-based marketing is a complete reconfiguration of Campaign Manager, designed to keep your business objectives front-and-center at every step of the way."

The whole idea is that, similar to Facebook's ad process, the approach will guide advertisers and their decisions by first enabling them to choose the top-level objective for their campaign. Then, by knowing what exactly what you are trying to accomplish, LinkedIn's system points to the key ad formats and features which best support your advert's outcome.

LinkedIn is helping brands make the best of their new process, and that is why they have launched a video:

A basic summary:

  1. Awareness – creates a voice for your brand and it maximises your campaign. 

  2. Consideration – running ad campaigns encourage your target audience to engage with your brand and gain a better understanding of what it is you are trying to sell.

  3. Conversion – campaigns focus on generating leads and use conversion tracking to measure the true impact of each ad, so you can optimise for even better performance with the next campaign.

All your campaigns are further refined to specific aims which are based on these top-level targets.

LinkedIn also published another video on setting up your target audience, completing the essential elements to the ad targeting process:

It is always a good thing to be ahead of the crowd, so, if you want to make your ad campaigns work on LinkedIn, why not follow these tips and improve your targeting strategy. 

Source: SocialMediaToday 

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