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In April of this year, Facebook started rolling out what they've called Ad Relevance Diagnostics, a three-metric approach that allows you better control over the adverts you run on their platform.

Ad Relevance Diagnostics replaces their previous single Ad Relevance score with three ways to study the ad metrics from Facebook.

The new metrics are:

Quality Ranking

This compares the perceived quality of adverts that are targeting the same audience. The result indicates whether your advert is optimised creatively to reach your advertising objective. I.e. Make sure it looks good!


Engagement Rate Ranking

This measures how relevant is your advert compared to your competitors and whether the audience is engaging with the ad. If it's under-performing, for instance, if you're receiving few or no Like's even though its reached many eyeballs, then perhaps it needs to be more engaging or you need to refine the target audience.


Conversion Rate Ranking

The comparison here between competing adverts is whether they are converting or not. This means, are customers clicking on your call-to-action button? If not, then perhaps you need to reconsider your strategy of getting the results you desire.

According to Facebook, the Ad Relevance Diagnostics has been rolled out to almost all of their advertisers, so you should be able to engage with it already.

Remember, there is no magic wand that you can wave that'll give you a perfect advert every time, that's why tools like these are indispensable. Take your time to make sure your advert is good to look at, easy to understand, and doesn't have any spelling mistakes.


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