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Don't overlook the power of growing your business on Twitter. This network is great for market research and one of the best places online to gain important leads without having to try and acquire a large following.

The conventional way of using Twitter would be to aimlessly post continuous content in the hopes of the right people seeing your content. However, there are better ways to get in front of the right people in this giant digital ocean we call social media.

One of the unconventional ways to grow your business using Twitter is to use it as a search engine to find leads or contacts. Simply use the search functionality to find leads and other valuable contacts by searching for terms related to your business and the interests of your targets. For example, if you work in real estate, search Twitter every day with terms such as "moving to [your city]”, “relocating to [your city]”, “looking for a home in [your city].” These searches will likely yield results showing real people that you should be targeting. Once you identify them, you can reach out to them, essentially you won't need to send out a single tweet.

You could also use the search function to find out what's being said about your competitors in real time. These searches can provide a prime opportunity for you to gain market share if you swoop into conversations at the right time, such as if a customer is tweeting about a bad experience they had with your competitor, swoop in and offer them a better service, being your own.

Quick bonus Tip: Go to the profiles of high-profile people within your industry and view the lists that they’ve subscribed to or are a member of. These lists are often chock-full of people that you’ll want to target or at least follow to learn from what they have to say. Think of this as a shortcut to finding relevant people on Twitter.


Use all these Twitter tips and implement them into your content schedule. Need more time to accomplish all these hacks? Sign up for Loopascoop today and work less on your content scheduling and more on finding your audience.

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